Contributing to Scylla

Asking questions or requesting help

Use the Scylla Users mailing list or the Slack workspace for general questions and help.

Join the Scylla Developers mailing list for deeper technical discussions and to discuss your ideas for contributions.

Reporting an issue

Please use the issue tracker to report issues or to suggest features. Fill in as much information as you can in the issue template, especially for performance problems.

Contributing code to Scylla

Before you can contribute code to Scylla for the first time, you should sign the Contributor License Agreement and send the signed form You can then submit your changes as patches to the to the scylladb-dev mailing list or as a pull request to the Scylla project on github. If you need help formatting or sending patches, check out these instructions.

The Scylla C++ source code uses the Seastar coding style so please adhere to that in your patches. Note that Scylla code is written with using namespace seastar, so should not explicitly add the seastar:: prefix to Seastar symbols. You will usually not need to add using namespace seastar to new source files, because most Scylla header files have #include "seastarx.hh", which does this.